In nature, water is constantly circulating.
The river flows and goes to the sea, and the river or sea water evaporates into water vapor and becomes a cloud, and it rains and flows back to the surface and returns to the river.
People are getting the water essential for survival in various forms of circulation. Groundwater in the form of bottled water, surface water in the form of tap water, seawater in the form of seawater desalination and deep seawater, and rainwater were received and drinking water was obtained using a water purifier.

AWG is made into drinking water by using water vapor in the evaporation process during the circulation process. AWG captures water vapor in the evaporation process, which is the most complete water purification method on the planet, and converts it into water. It is an application of a condensation procedure similar to dew in the mountains in the early morning and water forming on the surface of a cold water cup.

The converted water is once again passed through the highest grade filters and sterilizers to be stored so that it can be kept clean and pure.
Various test results show that the water produced through AWG has better water quality than the water produced by RO water purifier, which is the best water purifier so far, and maintains stable water quality regardless of the influence of the environment in where the AWG operates.

Since it does not require supply of raw water, there is no need for an installation process, and there is no need for cumbersome processes such as unnecessary bottled water delivery.
Like home appliances such as TVs, all installation processes are completed simply by connecting the power cord. That’s all.

Plug it and drink clean, pure and healthy water anytime, anywhere.

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