Most recently tested in Singapore in March 2021.
Test data show flawless water quality.

Tested water in Japan in August 2020.
All 51 tested items show non detected or much below the limit.

Tested water in Indonesia in February 2020 shows great quality.
A total 24 items were tested.

Test only Heterotrophic bacterial growth and result show ZERO.
ZERO bacteria in the water created by AWG units.

Standard Certification, Safety Certification and others related to AWG Technology.

1. CE certification for European Safety Standard (LVD, EMC)
2. ETL certification for NRTL (North America) Safety Standard
3. ISO 9001 Standard Certification for AWG development and manufacture
4. PSE certification for Japanese Safety Standard (LVD, EMD)
5. ACS certification for European(French) Sanitary Standard
6. RoHS certification for European Environment Directive Standard

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