ADVANTAGES OF AWG UNIT [Technical information]

Water is circulated in nature.
( Vaporization Cloud formation & convection Precipitation Surface runoff or ground water)

Huge amount of water is stored as water vapors in the air during water circulation.
About 500,000 cubic Kilo meters of water is exist as water vapor. 10 times more than total surface water.

Vaporization is the most effective water filtration process. Water vapor exists as 0.0004 μm sized pure and clean water.
It is more efficient than ground water filtration process. (Filtering process of POU unit adapt this ground water filtration process).

AWG unit collects such pure water molecules and condense them into water.


1. No installation and Easy maintenance
( No need plumbing & piping. No need to store or lift up heavy bottle)

2. Low water cost.
( Save at least USD 300 annually compared to Bottled water) * USA

3. No chemical process. No chemical additive.
( No bad taste or odor )

4. No bacterial growth. No Water bloom.
( Special 24 hours circulation system can keep water clean, safe, pure and healthy)

5. High water quality
( Water quality is stable and not affected by anything. No harmful organic / inorganic ingredient exist in water)

6. Natural water.
( Water produced by AWG is similar to water in human body)

7. Multi-functioning as Air cleaner and Dehumidifier
( Do not buy an Air cleaner, Dehumidifier and Water purifier separately)

8. Better for your home and office security.
( Do not worry about your privacy for exchanging filters or delivering water bottles)
The most essence of life, DRINKING WATER!
AWG create WATER most similar to water in human body

Save Earth, Save Us
NO chemical process. NO chemical additive. NO waste. NO PET bottle.
AWG creates water by same method as our Earth makes morning dew on mountain.
Save & Protect our Earth from plastic waste.

Free from 2nd contamination by microorganism or water bloom
AWG adopt the age-long lesson. “Rushing water is not rotten”
AWG circulation system keep water clean and pure.

STOP plumbing or carrying heavy bottle!
Just plug it like TV. It’s all for clean, pure and healthy water

Better security
No need to allow delivery man to come into your office or home.
Make your home & office safe and private.

Save Money with AWG!
Save up to USD 300 annually (4 persons 1 family in USA)

Multi-functioning home appliance AWG.
Do not buy an Air cleaner, Dehumidifier or Water purifier separately...