Home & Office [Product information]

Product information (Color of AD5pro2_Option)

1. Description : Home and Office use Small desktop AWG
2. Dimension : 380 mm(W) x 520 mm(D) x 560 mm(H)
3. Weight : 32 kg
4. Rated Power : 230 VAC 50/ 60Hz 1 phase
5. Power Consumption : 280 Wh
6. Refrigerant : R-134A
7. Water making capacity : 23 liters / day
8. Maintenance :
Air filter ( Replace every 3 months)
AWG Air-dew Filter sets ( Replace every 6 months)
Sterilization filter system ( Replace every 1 year)

Product information (3D View of AD5Pro Home & Office use)

1. Bigger heat removal fan
33% bigger Air flow fan remove heat inside of the unit more efficiently.

2. Touch Screen display
High tech half mirror touch screen display is applied for more accurate performance and better look.

3. One faucet two temperature water
Provide Cold and Room temperature water through one valve.

4. Safety covered PCB
Covered Plastic PCB cover keep safe from accidental electrical short.

5. Embedded air grill
Plastic embedded air grill Protect child from electrical short.

6. Side bar supporter
Side bar support main reservoir tank for more stability.

7. Heat exchange case
Plastic case cover and seal two heat exchangers perfectly for better air flow and efficiency.

8. Quiet Power pump
Noiseless high power booster pump.

9. LED light Focusing
Bright LED light for right position to place CUP.

Reducing weight
AD5 pro2 is 8 kg Lighter than AD5.
Weigh only 32 Kg.

1. Side handle
Handles on side panel make it possible to lift or carry the unit by one person.

2. Round type Bottom tank
Round bottom tank assembled to middle panel tightly to prevent leaking from the top.

3. Easy detachable back cover
No screwed back cover makes easy maintenance during exchanging air and water filters.

4. Large leg
Large and gracious 4 legs make more stable operation.

5. New 26 sets Mold for Metal and Plastic Parts.
About 20 sets of main parts are produced by mold for better quality and performance.

6. Low power consumption (Save energy)
New developed high efficiency compressor is used. Power consumption is reduced from 355 to 280 Wh.

7. Two rows air grill
Better air flow reduces heat inside of the unit more easily.

1. Air filter
- 2 layered
- PM2.5 H11 grade
- More surface about 60%

2. 3 steps Water filter
- 1st Sedi+BC Complex
- 2nd Activated Carbon
- 3rd Ultra Membrane
- Interlock type

3. UV Sterilizer
- 1st in Main tank
- 2nd in Cold tank
- 3rd in Bottom tank
- 4th on Circulation line