General Specification

  1. Dimension: 380 (W) x 520 (D) x 560 (H) (mm)
  2. Weight: 32 kg
  3. Rated Power: 230 VAC 50/ 60 Hz
  4. Power Consumption: 280 W
  5. Refrigerant: R-134a
  6. Water making capacity: 20 liters per day depend on working condition.
  7. Filter system
    – Air filter: 2 layered PM2.5 HEPA filter
    – Water filter: 3 stages high efficient cartridge type filters
    – Sterilizer: Double UV sterilization system
    (11 W UV lamp + 3 UV LEDs)

Click to watch the 360 Rotation view with various color

Click to watch the 360 rotation view with various color.

Ideal water making capacity at various temperature and relative humidity
(at laboratory condition / liters daily)

Temp. / RH50%60%70%80%90%
15 ℃
20 ℃
25 ℃6.68.311.713.917.0
30 ℃8.411.516.118.223.0

Advantages of AD5pro2

1.No installation and Easy maintenance
( No need plumbing & piping. No need to store or lift up heavy bottle)

2.Low water cost.
( Save at least USD 300 annually compared to Bottled water ) * USA

3.No chemical process. No chemical additive.
( No bad taste, bad odor )

4.No bacterial growth. No Water bloom.
( Special 24 hours circulation system can keep water clean, safe, pure and healthy )

5.High water quality
( Water quality is stable and not affected by anything.
  No harmful organic / inorganic ingredient exist in water )

6.Natural water
( Water produced by AWG is similar to water in human body )

7.Multi-functioning as Air cleaner and Dehumidifier
( Do not buy Air cleaner, Dehumidifier and Water purifier separately)

Characteristics of AD5pro2

1. Gracious half mirror touch screen
2. Bright white LED backlight
3. Various intuitive icons
4. Filter replacement alarm
5. Cold & Normal water selection

1. Positioning LED light
2. Bright white LED
3. Turned on by touching temperature selection switch
4. Easy to positioning the cup

1. Integrated one body plastic rear cover
2. Efficient air flow blade (more air inflow)
3. Enhanced protection from external impact

1. Detachable rear cover by hand
(NO device needed)
2. Easy to access to air and water filters

1. Easy filter exchange
2. Pull and turn by hand
3. Auto water flow lock

1. Patented coated Evaporator coil
2. High efficiency heat exchange rate
3. No bacterial growth on coil

3 Stages Water filter
1.  1st Sediment + Carbon Block
(remove possible residual and absorb gas , organic material)
2.  2nd Activated Carbon Filter
(remove any possible gas and organic material which pass through the 1st filter)
3. 3rd Ultra membrane filter
( 1 micron sized membrane remove any possible residual in water before water go to the top tank)

High efficient anti-bacterial Air Filter
1. Same material as KF94 grade Face mask (Melt Blown) PM2.5 HEPA 11 class Air filter
2. Same air filter as the one used in Air cleaner
3. Wide and thick
4. Removal rate 95 % of larger than 0.3 micron sized ( 1 micron = 1/ 1,000 mm)
— Coronavirus is known to spread out through splashing
— The size of splashing is about 1~5 micron

Double UV sterillization System
1. On-line 11 W UV lamp
– Keep water clean, pure and healthy during both collecting and circulating g water
– 99.9 % sterilization efficiency

2. Embedded 10 mW UVC LED
– 3 UVC LEDs in Main, Cold and collecting tank)
 – Keep water clean, pure and healthy during storing water.
– 10,000 CFU/ml to 0 in 20 minutes
– 275 wavelength

Various Color is available

1. 4 Standard colors
(Colors may change due to circumstances.)
1) Shadow White (11-4001 TPG)
2) Emerald Blue (2189 C)
3) Dawn Grey (433 C)
4) Sunset Red (8043C)

2. Other customer’s color is available depend on condition.
– Pantone color no. designation is required.

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