Large scale AWG unit for Industrial use

ADpro1000 create 1000 liters a day. ATC (에이티씨) manufacturer the AWG (식수생성기).

The ADpro1000 is a commercial and industrial system that can produce up to 1,000 liters of clean drinking water per day, from the air.
Ideal applications include:
– Resorts and Hotels
– Apartment Buildings
– Hospitals
– Disaster Response
– Community drinking water
– Hydroponics

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Desktop AWG unit for Home & Office

AD5pro2 is the AWG for home and use.  ATC (에이티씨) manufacturer the AWG (식수생성기).

The AD5pro2 is a home and office countertop unit that can produce some of the cleanest, best tasting drinking water on earth.
With a low carbon footprint – no plastic bottles to throw away or fuel for weekly deliveries, proprietary technology that ensures you are getting the safest, cleanest water available, you can enjoy delicious, safe drinking water from the air while protecting your family, and the environment.

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